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"FREE TO GOOD HOME" could be a death sentence!


Be careful to whom you give cats and kittens and dogs and puppies because some people use "free to good home" animals:


*to train hunting dogs.


*to be used as "bait" animals to be torn apart to train fighting dogs.


*to feed snakes.


*And individuals known as "bunchers" routinely answer "free to good home" ads, posing as people who want family pets when, in actuality, they sell pets to animal dealers who in turn sell animals to institutions for invasive experiments. These people are "professionals" who may even bring children or their mothers with them when picking up pets. 


*And another danger is hoarding. Hoarding is a sickness and hoarders will take animals even though they can't care for the animal properly and the animals will suffer from serious illness due to neglect.


But none of these people will pay for an animal!


This list could go on and on but hopefully you get how dangerous "free to good home" ads can be.


These evil-doers often seem like wonderful animal lovers and tell you just what you want to hear. They are very good at fooling people. But they won't pay for an animal because there are too many "free ads" to choose from.
Unless you know the people adopting your animals be smart and ask for an adoption fee. It has been shown that people willing to pay a small adoption fee will give him/her a much better home, and the adoption fee offers the animal some protection from ill intentioned individuals.

The links below give detailed examples of these dangers and provide excellent information about HOW TO FIND GOOD HOMES.