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For your animal's protection,
we strongly recommend that they are
 current on their vaccinations.

Spay/Neuter fees effective April 2023.

Fee to spay/neuter a cat is $35.00

*For feral cat colony caretakers we will amend fees as needed. Please call us for details.

About Fees to spay/neuter dogs:

The Task Force is a non-profit organization that WAS CREATED to assist LOW-INCOME pet owners to be responsible and help them alter their pets.

Over time, people who can well afford to see their local veterinarian have taken advantage of the Task Force’s low-cost program.

If you are not low-income, if you have purchased your dog (or dogs) from breeders, or purchased designer dogs for significant fees, or gotten dogs from rescue groups who do not spay/ neuter their animals before they adopt, please contact your local veterinarian.

We exist to help pet owners who love their animals but are on a tight budget. If you can afford an expensive dog, please support your local veterinarians and have them spay or neuter your dog.

Fees will be stated on a case by case basis by calling (406) 881-4500. We appreciate your understanding.

All puppies and kittens under ten-weeks-old will be spayed/neutered FREE of charge when the mother animal is spayed at the fee listed above.   To qualify, the whole litter must be brought in with the mother.   

Partial litters do not qualify.

The Clinic is located at:

3491 Trumble Creek Road

Columbia Falls, MT 59912


To make a spay/neuter appointment call:

406-881-4500 (Appointment line only. For all other calls please use the office number below.)

For information, questions, or to cancel or reschedule an appointment please call;

406-892-7387 (office)

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(Appointments cannot be made via E-mail)