Making a Difference

   One Dog and Cat at a time...

      Helping Animals Live Better Lives.

Working 365 days a year, our volunteers, veterinarians and vet techs are striving to improve the lives of companion animals.  


In 2016, our highly trained veterinarians performed over 3,200 surgeries - each animal experiencing exceptional and individualized care. 



In addition to the important job of providing sterilization services, The Task Force promotes responsible pet ownership through:


_ Rescue, foster and adoption services for over 150 cats and kittens per year.

_ Community outreach with pet food and emergency veterinary care.

_ Sponsoring of animal welfare training programs including pet first aid, disaster preparedness, and pet care and appreciation.

_ Marvin's Fund of Montana is a non-profit fund established to promote the responsible care and treatment of companion animals through education and outreach programs.

_ Volunteer training on new techniques and methods.