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Halle has been adopted to a wonderful home along with another young cat.

Thanks to all of you who assisted with her rescue, medical treatment, foster care and medical fund donations.


    Halle is an eight-week-old kitten that was found on the side of the road on Highway 93.  A good Samaritan spotted her and stopped to help.  Halle was so injured that she could not stand up. 


    The initial examination showed that Halle had a broken pelvis and broken femur.


    The good Samaritan called the Task Force asking for help because the medical treatment would be expensive. 


    We said yes and took the kitten to Central Valley Animal Hospital where Dr. Dugger performed surgery and put a pin in Halle's leg.  Dr. Dugger said the pelvis would heal on its own.  We thank the good Doctor for giving us a nice discount on his services.


    Diana, a vet technician who volunteers for the Task Force cared Halle post-operatively for five days.  When Halle was feeling better she was transferred to Valerie, another Task Force volunteer.  Halle will stay with Valerie until she is healed enough to be adopted.


    Many thanks to: Dr. Dugger, Diana, Valerie and the good Samaritan who rescued Halle.


    If anyone would like to donate to Halle's medical fund to help pay for her medical treatment it would be so much appreciated.


    Donations may be sent to :


    Flathead Spay & Neuter Task Force (or abbreviate to; FSNTF)
    C/o Halle's Medical Fund
    P.O. Box 2095
    Whitefish, MT 59937