Spay & Neuter
Task Force

Project Homeless Connect Winter Warm-up
January 29, 2016

A BIG Thank You To:

A O'Shaughnessey Foundation


Bambi Goodman


Albert Dorsett, DVM

Robyn Thompson, DVM

Flathead County Animal Shelter

Johnston Grooming

Kitty Mom Rescue

Mild Fence Company


Task Force volunteers and donors

United Way of Flathead County

Amy Vanderbilt

Vet Tech Assistants:






Dozens of volunteers spent the day assisting people with paperwork to get their companion animals vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Two wonderful veterinarians and several vet technicians also volunteered their time at this very worthy event.

A groomer and his assistant clipped, brushed and trimmed nails for dozens of dogs.

1154 pounds of dog food and 640 pounds cat food was distributed, along with 25 pet beds, grooming tools, 100 leashes, collars and harnesses.

Free spay or neuter certificates were offered for any animals that were not previously altered.

26 of our guests were veterans.

The event was very rewarding and provided much needed assistance to many animals and their people.

A total of 139 volunteer hours was spent putting on this animal services event.

Following, are some photos of the Winter Warm-up event.
That's All For Now, Folks!